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Faculty and Staff


Name Title Email Phone
Christine Cano Associate Professor 216.368.4888
Haydee Espino Castillo Full-time Lecturer of Spanish 216.368.3926
Denise Caterinacci Instructor 216.368.2374
Man-Lih Chai Full-time Lecturer 216.368.3926
Gabriela Copertari Associate Professor 216.368.4324
Margaretmary Daley Associate Professor 216.368.2303
Yoram Daon Full-time Lecturer of Hebrew 216.368.0825
Gilbert Doho Associate Professor 216.368.4885
Linda Ehrlich Associate Professor 216.368.2232
M Fernandez Full-time Lecturer 216.368.0704
Margaret Fitzgerald Full-time Lecturer 216.368.5081
Cristian Gomez Olivares Assistant Professor 216.368.1504
Haomin Gong Assistant Professor 216.368.2012
Takao Hagiwara Associate Professor of Japanese 216.368.6188
Aiko Ishii Lecturer in Japanese 216.368.4265
Ramez Islambouli Full-time Lecturer 216.368.0457
Jutta Ittner Associate Professor 216.368.6202
Yoshiko Kishi Full-time Lecturer of Japanese 216.368.0597
Marie Lathers The Elizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft Professor of Humanities 216.368.8983
Clara Lipszyc-Arroyo Full-time Lecturer 216.368.0704
Enno Lohmeyer Full-time Lecturer 216.368.0769
Jacqueline Nanfito Associate Professor 216.368.5264
Alessandra Parry Full-time Lecturer 216.368.4265
Fabienne Pizot-Haymore Full-time Lecturer 216.368.4701
Damaris Punales-Alpizar Assistant Professor 216.368.3950
Charlotte Sanpere Full-time Lecturer of French 216.368.4265
Cheryl Toman Associate Professor, Director of the Ethnic Studies Program, Director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program 216.368.2233
Susanne Vees-Gulani Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and German. 216.368.2870
Peter Yang Associate Professor of German and Chinese 216.368.2234
Tatiana Zilotina Instructor 216.368.2230


Name Title Email Phone
Mary Jones Department Assistant 216.368.3071
Quitashia Miles Secretary 216.368.8681