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Eve (Cognitive Science and Dance)

Studying Russian here at CWRU helped prepare me for the Critical Language Scholarship, which I participated in in the summer of 2012. I spent two months living with a host family in Ufa, the capitol of the Republic of Bashkortostan, attending intensive language classes, and spending time with new friends that I made, including my Russian language partner. Not only was this experience a great opportunity to apply and expand my knowledge of Russian, but it also added to my understanding of Russian culture. Spending time in Ufa helped me to learn more about the diverse cultural and ethnic groups that make up the country’s population.

When I wasn’t busy studying, I had the opportunity to spend some time traveling throughout the country. I spent two days exploring Kazan, the capitol of the nearby Republic of Tatarstan, a weekend in a small country village visiting cousins of the host family, and took an overnight trip to a camp located in the Southern Ural Mountains.


Liza (Theatre)

Studying in Moscow was amazing. I was at the Moscow Art Theatre School, only a few minutes on foot from the Kremlin and the city center, and in our (limited!) free time we could walk over to Red Square or to one of the many bookstores in the area. Living abroad was nothing at all like I had expected. The classes were hard, but the trickiest part turned out to be the day-to-day—buying groceries, finding time to cook between classes and homework, navigating the metro. (Actually, the metro wasn’t bad at all—it’s incredibly well organized.) It was the most challenging semester of school I’ve ever taken, and easily one of the best. I’d gladly do it all over again.

Red Square compressed