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Arabic Course Descriptions

ARAB 101. Beginning Arabic I. 4 Units.
The course introduces learners of Arabic to the sound and writing systems of this language and provides them with basic structural and lexical knowledge to enable them to say things in Arabic, such as greeting others, thanking someone, introducing oneself, describing one’s background, seeking and providing info and so forth. The ability to perform these language functions in real-life or lifelike situations is developed by engaging the learner in structured functional activities and grammatical exercises.

ARAB 102. Beginning Arabic II. 4 Units.
Arabic 102 builds on the proficiency that students should have acquired in Arabic 101. The course follows a student-centered communicative approach in which class time is used in active learning through pair or group activities, role-play, games, selective listening and reading and other activities. The course emphasizes the four basic skills, reading, speaking, listening and writing. Students will be exposed to real audiovisual material in order to enhance comprehension and they will have to develop short oral and written responses about it. Aspects of culture across the Arab world will be included as a element of learning the language. Recommended preparation: ARAB 101
ARAB 201. Intermediate Arabic I. 4 Units.
Intensive review of grammar and conversational skills in modern Arabic through readings, discussions and other activities that explore contemporary Arab life and culture. Recommended preparation: ARAB 102 or equivalent.

ARAB 202. Intermediate Arabic II. 4 Units.
ARAB 202 is a continuation of ARAB 201 and will enable the students to develop advanced communicative skills for the use of Modern Arabic. It will focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, and emphasize creative use of the language. Recommended preparation: ARAB 201 or equivalent.

ARAB 301. Advanced Arabic I. 3 Units.
This is a higher level of Arabic study. The course objectives are to enhance the student’s language skills and to develop ability to use high-level Arabic effectively. It is designed to help students move from the intermediate level of proficiency, which centers on daily life and the immediate world, to the advanced, which broadens to include topics of general and professional interest. Recommended preparation: ARAB 202 or equivalent.

ARAB 399. Independent Study in Arabic. 1 – 3 Unit.
Topics will be constructed to fit the interest of a student who has already taken an advanced course in Arabic. Prereq: ARAB 301.

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